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How Do I Sign Up?

You must register for a class before coming in, PIK is not a drop in center. All registration is done online through All payment is done through your portal account and your CC, we do not take any personal checks or cash. To see a list of classes, go to the SCHEDULE tab & choose the appropriate drop down.

Why Do I need to register?

If you want to attend any offering at Paradise Island Kids, you need to register first. By registering, you are providing all the necessary information to ensure PIK staff can adequately and safely provide services for your children.


What is the cost of Registration?

Registration is $25. This is a one-time fee for the entire family. There is no registration fee for any events from the “One-Time Classes” drop down under the Schedule tab, all other classes require a one-time per family registration fee of $25.

If I want to complete a family registration but don’t want to register for a specific class right now, what do I do?

Go to

How much does it cost?

Click on the class/event you are interested in, tuition for series classes is listed in the description. Tuition for one-time classes is listed in the fee per student/family section. Fees include all materials. Fees for birthday parties can be found at


What is included in the cost of each Class? (Recurring or One-Time)

All class materials are included in each of our classes (this means all arts and crafts supplies, all food/ingredients for cooking classes, etc..) Aside from the one time registration fee and the cost of the class/event, there are no other costs associated with our classes. If you are running more than 15 mins late picking up your child there is late fee (see late fee section below for details).

Can we sign up for multiple classes?

You can sign up for one event/class or multiple different events/classes in a row. Your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed or your money back.

How do I pay?

Payment is processed online as you register. Paradise Island Kids does not store CC info on their servers.  Our payment partner, C&H Financial Services, provides a service where all CC info that is entered is encrypted and stored in an online ‘Vault’ where the info is managed and monitored.  No one will have access to your CC info once it is stored into Paradise Island Kids.

Is Paradise Island Kids a Licensed Daycare?

No, Paradise Island Kids is exempt from Mass Daycare License. We are a business similar to Kumon or Arts/Music. Our teachers pass the highest standards and have thorough Background Checks as well as years of prior experience with kids and excellent references. Our facility is state of the art-we have sprinklers, proper means of egress, handicap accessibility, and many other policies and procedures set in place to ensure safety for all of our students and staff. We will never have more kids in the facility than allowed by the fire code/fire marshal. We hold a current food license provided by the Board of Health. We undergo regular reviews by the state to ensure we are abiding by all food establishment and child establishment policies for businesses.


What are the age groups for classes and events at Paradise Island Kids?

All age groups are listed in each class or event description. By serving a range of students with a chronological-age span, the norm becomes a wide range of abilities rather than the expectation that everyone is at the same level. A student may be ahead of or behind his chronological peers, but the program has teachers and materials available that are appropriate to the needs of every student, regardless of where he or she falls on the spectrum of abilities. It is not unusual that a student is working quickly through one activity but much more slowly through another. The mixed-age classroom is like a family: the older students nurture the younger ones and motivate them. There is no more effective reading teacher for the new first-grader than the experienced third-grader who is proud of his skills. And, as most teachers know, the best way to improve one’s knowledge or abilities in a subject is to teach the subject to others…so the third grader also benefits.


What about food?

If your child is taking a cooking/baking class, they will be able to try their treats. If you do not want your child to eat anything at PIK, please let a staff member know ahead of time & you can take treats home in a to go container. You may bring any snacks into PIK as long as they are NUT FREE.

What if my child has allergies, medical conditions or other special needs?

When you register, please list all allergies and special needs your child has so we can ensure we can provide a safe environment for your child. PIK is a NUT FREE facility and none of our snacks and cooking/baking classes contain nuts. Aside from that, you need to let us know on the registration if your child has any allergies/sensitivities, please take this into account when signing them up for classes.


How do I let you know something specific about my child?

On the registration form on the comments /additional info, section-please list all necessary and useful information we should know about your child so we can be aware and ensure the best experience for your child.


What is your refund or change policy?

Seats in our classes are based on availability and require registration ahead of time. All of our classes are non-refundable and non-transferrable. If you have made a mistake in your registration & are unable to change it in your parent portal, please email explaining your change request within 24 hours of your registration. All PIK offerings are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, if you are not satisfied with your child’s experience, you must let us know within 24 hours of class start to receive a full refund.

I signed up for the wrong day, what now? 

Due to space limitations, we cannot switch days once registered. If you have made a mistake in your registration & are unable to change it in your parent portal, please email explaining your change request within 24 hours of your registration.

What are waiting list rules? 

If a class is full we may open up waiting list spots. If you sign up for the waiting list and are granted a spot you will automatically be enrolled and charged for the class. As there are space limitations, especially for popular classes, we do not grant refunds once you commit to wait list registration. You will only be charged if you are granted a spot in the class. 


What if my child isn't potty trained?

We require that all children coming into PIK are potty trained. If your child has occasional accidents, please bring wipes and a change of clothes.

How do I drop off and pick up my child?

Before coming to PIK, you need to register online and sign up for one of our offerings. Please walk your child into PIK and ensure one of our staff greets them, only after the teacher signs them into their class are you free to leave (or stay in the PIK facility). Please pick up your child at the PIK facility once your child completes their class. Only after the staff member signs the child out into your custody can you leave. This ensure everyone is accounted for in our records. If you are having someone else pick up your child, please let us know once you drop them off for their class so we can ensure they are safe. If you are running late to pick up your child, please see below section for details.


What if I am running late to pick up my child?

Please let us know by calling 508-329-1800 or emailing if you are running more than 10 minutes late. If you are 15 or more minutes late, your portal account will be charged a flat $25 and then a $1/minute for every minute past 14 minutes that you are late. So for example, if you are 15 minutes late, your portal account will be automatically charged $26.



What about Private Parties?

Please see more info here:

All PIK parties are private. PIK can be booked for any event as long as the owner approves it. If you want a spot to have your next Book Club or Private Brunch/Lunch/Dinner just email us:


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